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PhD in English, University of Georgia, 2008
Dissertation: “The Ground So Far.” Director: Prof. Judith Ortiz Cofer, UGA
MFA in Poetry, New Mexico State University, 2003
BA in English, University of Washington, 1997
Dissertation Completion Award, University of Georgia, 2007–2008
Phi Kappa Phi, member 2008–present
Phi Beta Kappa, member 1997–present
National Merit Scholar, 1993–1997

“What Bilingual Poets Can Do: Re-visioning English Education for Biliteracy.” Coauthored with Dr. Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor. English in Education, 42.3 (Fall 2008): 243–252.
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The National Poetry Review Book Prize, 2008
Agnes Scott College Writers’ Festival Contest, Finalist, 2008
Matt Clark Poetry Prize, New Delta Review, 2007
The Mangrove Review/Sanibel Island Writers Conference Award, Honorable Mention, 2007
The Atlantic Monthly Student Writing Contest, Honorable Mention in Poetry, 2005
Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Poetry Prize, Prizewinner, 2005
Charles M. and Pamela S. Sphar Endowed Scholarship, 2002
Keith Wilson/Joe Somoza Poetry Prize, judged by Jacqueline Osherow, 3rd Prize, 2002
Keith Wilson/Joe Somoza Poetry Prize, judged by Carl Phillips, 3rd Prize, 2001
New Mexico State University Graduate Research and Arts Symposium, 4th Prize, 2001

Interview with J. P. Dancing Bear on Out of Our Minds, KKUP, Cupertino, CA, September 23, 2011
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Second Tuesday Poetry Series, Barkin’ Dog Grill, Modesto, CA, April 2011
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, December 2010
Los Angeles Review Contributors’ Reading, Center Literary Café, Healdsburg, CA, November
Natsoulas Gallery, Confluence of Poets Tour, Davis, CA, October 2010
American River College, Confluence of Poets Tour, Sacramento, CA, October 2010
California State University, Sacramento, Confluence of Poets Tour, October, 2010
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Poetry Night at Bistro 33, Davis, CA, October 2010
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Multicultural Poetry Festival, International House, Davis, CA, July 2010
A Starry Night Poetry Series, Lodi Public Library, CA, June 2010
Center Literary Café, Healdsburg, CA, June 2010
Writers in the Garden Series, UC Davis Arboretum, June 2010
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L. A. Jones’s Poetry Salon, Stockton, CA, February 2010
Blue Moon Literary & Art Review event, Davis, CA, November 2009
Lively Words, Berkeley, CA, August 2009
Sacramento Poetry Center, June 2009
What’s New in Poetry Series, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, September 2008
Homecoming Reading Series, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, September 2008
The Georgia Review, Athens, GA, April 2008
Vox Reading Series, Athens, GA, January 2008
Cyborgs and Sinners, Athens, GA, May 2006
Hurricane Katrina Benefit Reading, Vox Reading Series, Athens, GA, October 2005
UGA Maymester Reading Series, Athens, GA, May 2005
APES Reading, Athens, GA, April 2005
Vox Reading Series, Athens, GA, March 2005
Vox Reading Series, Athens, GA, September 2004
Vox Reading Series, Athens, GA, November 2003
Red Mountain Café, Las Cruces, NM, February 2003
La Sociedad Para Las Artes Series, Las Cruces, NM, March 2002
Red Mountain Café, Las Cruces, NM, February 2002
Red Mountain Café, Las Cruces, NM, November 2000



  • As fast, flexible generalist, create text and contribute to content across a variety of platforms.
  • Research, write, and/or edit medical studies, clinical articles, event marketing materials, human interest stories, and more.
  • Through interviewing for articles and collaborating to complete projects, cultivate relationships within and beyond the organization that boost the ability to meet editorial and business objectives.


  • For writers: Provide flexible, individualized, writer-centered editing and instruction. Write critiques of manuscripts in development, ad copyedit ready-to-send manuscripts prior to publication. Teach workshops and present at writing conferences.
  • For students: Review and respond to student writing, both creative and academic. Coach students in writing for publication and in writing spectacular college admissions essays.

WORLD TRADE PRESS, EDITOR AND INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR, 2011–2013. Research, design, and write prototype articles for a new series on worldwide business culture (210 countries) appearing in a Web-based reference work for students and professionals. Hire and manage a team of freelance writers to produce these business culture articles, and edit work for publication. Collaborate with photo editors and other in-house staff to produce the finished reference work. Contribute research, writing, and editing to Web reference works on worldwide culture, music, history, business, trade, economics, business regulation, advertising law, global travel, and other topics as needed. Write Web copy, marketing copy, and other copy as needed. Create and write K–12 lesson plans (in support of Common Core standards) to accompany World Trade Press content. Recruit, train, and manage interns (five to ten at a time) during their rotation through a nine-to-twelve week internship program. Design and teach seminars on editorial concepts, design concepts, and publishing business concepts. Recruit colleagues to teach seminars in their areas of expertise, and collaborate with colleagues to integrate seminar topics and workflow. Train interns to work on projects involving research, writing, and editing. Review interns’ written and editorial work, and deliver individualized feedback for improvement. Coordinate with representatives from interns’ campuses as needed to meet internship learning objectives. Invite interns to participate fully in the social flow and work flow of the office.



EDITORIAL FREELANCER, UNIVERSITY PRESSES AND OTHER PUBLISHERS, 2007–2011, 2016–2017. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA PRESS, UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH PRESS, FORDHAM UNIVERSITY PRESS, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS, AND OTHERS. Copyedit books of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, writing craft/instruction, history, philosophy, religious studies, literary criticism, political science, social science, scholarship in education, and other scholarly work. Suggest changes line by line to improve clarity, structure, pacing, music, and consistency. Check facts as needed. For scholarly work, track the names of key movements, figures, and periods. For fiction, track character descriptions and setting descriptions; identify inconsistencies and suggest solutions. For poetry, identify moments when the writer’s apparent intention is not being served by existing word usage, punctuation, and/or lineation; query and suggest changes. In every genre, improve the text’s ability to address multiple audiences, as by pointing out where definitions of terms could make a scholarly manuscript more accessible to students. For reference systems, graphs, charts, appendices, and other reader aids, suggest restructuring as needed for clarity, and to accommodate the press’s production procedures. Align manuscript’s usage and typography with house style guide and the Chicago Manual of Style, or other style guide as required. Anticipate the book’s design, and suggest changes as needed to chapter titles, headers, subheaders, etc., and surrounding text. Code structural elements for the book designer. Review all changes with the writer, explaining the rationale/s behind each change. Wherever the writer’s preferences and the publisher’s preferences differ, negotiate a solution acceptable to all parties.
University of Washington Press: Ingrid Walker, High: Drugs, Desire, and a Nation of Users (in press)
University of Georgia Press: Brian Doyle, Hoop: A Basketball Life in Ninety Essays (in press)
University of Georgia Press: Paisley Rekdal, The Broken Country: On Trauma, A Crime, and the Continuing Legacy of the Vietnam War (in press)
University of Georgia Press: Robin Hemley, A Field Guide for Immersion Writing: Memoir, Journalism, and Travel
University of Georgia Press: David Cowart, Thomas Pynchon and the Dark Passages of History
University of Georgia Press: Danielle Cadena Deulen, The Riots
University of Pittsburgh Press: Thomas P. Miller, The Evolution of College English: Literacy Studies from the Puritans to the Postmoderns
University of Pittsburgh Press: Bradley Paul, The Animals All Are Gathering
University of Georgia Press: Malin Pereira, Into a Light Both Brilliant and Unseen: Conversations with Contemporary Black Poets
Fordham University Press: Jonathan Arac, Impure Worlds: The Institution of Literature in the Age of the Novel
University of Georgia Press: Jessica Treadway, Please Come Back to Me
University of Pittsburgh Press: Javier Corrales and Mario Pecheny, eds., The Politics of Sexuality in Latin America: A Reader on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights
University of Pittsburgh Press: Jane Stanley, The Rhetoric of Remediation: Negotiating Entitlement and Access to Higher Education
University of Pittsburgh Press: Alicia Ostriker, The Book of Seventy
University of Pittsburgh Press: Charles Harper Webb, Shadow Ball: New and Selected Poems
University of Georgia Press: Geoffrey Becker, Black Elvis
University of Georgia Press: Lori Ostlund, The Bigness of the World
University of Pittsburgh Press: Beth Bachmann, Temper
Fordham University Press: Bruce Rosenstock, Philosophy and the Jewish Question: Mendelssohn, Rosenzweig, and Beyond
Fordham University Press: Shane Mackinlay, Interpreting Excess: Jean-Luc Marion, Saturated Phenomena, and Hermeneutics
Fordham University Press: eds. Eric Boynton and Martin Kavka, Saintly Influence: Texts for Edith Wyschogrod
University of Pittsburgh Press: Russell Edson, See Jack
University of Georgia Press: Sue William Silverman, Fearless Confessions: A Writer’s Guide to Memoir
University of Georgia Press: Barbara Shoup and Margaret Love Denman, Novel Ideas: Contemporary Authors Share the Creative Process
University of Pittsburgh Press: Sharon Doubiago, Love on the Streets: Selected and New Poems
University of Georgia Press: Andrew Porter, The Theory of Light and Matter
Hayden’s Ferry Review #58

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA PRESS, EDITORIAL, DESIGN, AND PRODUCTION INTERN, SPRING 2008. Track projects, secure image and print permissions, proofread, edit indexes, code manuscripts, and copyedit.

AMERICAN POETRY JOURNAL, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, 2011–2015. Review manuscripts under consideration and recommend pieces for publication.

LITERARY CONTEST JUDGE, 2006–PRESENT. Review manuscripts under consideration and recommend pieces for publication and/or award.
Modesto-Stanislaus Poetry Festival, Judge 2014
Solano College, Quinton Duval Writing Contest, Judge 2012
National Poetry Series, Reader 2008–2012
New Mexico State University, Keith Wilson/Joe Somoza/Ruth Scott Academy of American Poetry Prizes, Judge 2010
The Society for Humanistic Anthropology, Ethnographic Poetry Award, Judge 2006–2010.

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA PRESS, ACQUISITIONS INTERN, FALL 2007. Review manuscripts under consideration; write project descriptions for acquisitions meetings and reports for the Press’s editorial board. Secure print and image permissions for books in production. Prepare launch forms and other internal project-tracking tools.

THE GEORGIA REVIEW, ASSISTANT TO THE EDITORS, AUGUST 2006–JULY 2007. Read submissions in poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction, and recommend manuscripts for publication. Supervise student workers, coordinate and publicize events, correspond with authors, copyedit and proofread pages, request and track review copies of books, and assist with all aspects of magazine production.

VERSE, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, FALL 2004. Read submissions and recommended manuscripts for publication. Write reviews of selected books. Proofread pages and assist with all aspects of magazine production.

PUERTO DEL SOL, ASSISTANT POETRY EDITOR, 2001–2002. Read and select submissions, correspond with authors to request revisions and secure publishing contracts, design and manage databases of manuscripts under consideration, copyedit and proofread pages, coordinate volunteer readers and staff, assist customers at the book fair table at the Associated Writing Programs conference and other events, and write book reviews for the magazine.

PUERTO DEL SOL, ASSOCIATE POETRY AND FICTION EDITOR, 2000, 2002–2003. Read and select submissions and correspond with authors.

SYNAPSE, ASSOCIATE POETRY EDITOR, 1998–1999. Read and select submissions, participate in layout, and perform all steps of magazine production and postproduction, including distribution, coordination of readings, and seeking out advertising and artistic grants.

Present “Hook, Line, Sinker: Beginnings That Will Reel the Reader In.” “It was a dark and stormy night . . .” You may be familiar with the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest for the worst opening lines—but how much have you thought about how to write the best opening lines? In this generative workshop, we will discuss some especially captivating opening lines to poems, essays, short stories, and novels. Based on what we learn through reading and conversation, we will draft our own opening lines, and then we will see where they take us . . . Come prepared to brainstorm, and you’ll leave prepared to complete on your own the pieces you begin during our session. You’ll set out with a short stack of winning beginnings in your pocket, and keep your writing momentum going long after the conference ends.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON CREATIVE WRITING AT PACIFIC 2015, STOCKTON, CA. Present “The Size of Our Strangeness: The Power Dynamics of the Poet in the Landscape.” Course description: We will dismiss the image of “nature” as a buxom young woman lolling in the grass while feeding the poet fruit. Together, through a combination of lecture, poem examples (from Dickinson, Plath, Stevens, and more), and writing exercises, we will explore how else we might construct the relationship between the poet and the natural world. We will try using Eliot’s “objective correlative,” then learn about writing as what Dorothy M. Nielson calls an “ecological subject,” which “defines itself as biologically interdependent.” From here, we will discover that writing as an ecological subject is impossible. Still, we will try it. Our goal will be to manipulate images of the natural world without manipulating the denizens of the natural world themselves, without falsely shrinking them to fit the page, but instead respecting the size of their strangeness, and the size of the distance between us.

ASSOCIATED WRITING PROGRAMS 2008, NEW YORK. Staff the book fair table to promote the Creative Writing Program of the University of Georgia. Discuss and sell recent books by faculty members and students of the program.

ASSOCIATED WRITING PROGRAMS 2007, ATLANTA. Staff the book fair table for The Georgia Review. Assist readers and subscribers with order fulfillment; answer questions about the journal.

ASSOCIATED WRITING PROGRAMS 2002, NEW ORLEANS. Present “Modified Charades: Understanding Abstract and Concrete Language” to the Pedagogy Forum. Staff the book fair table for Puerto del Sol. Assist readers and subscribers with order fulfillment; answer questions about the journal.

ASSOCIATED WRITING PROGRAMS 2001, PALM SPRINGS. Present “Killing the Inner Editor: Exercises for Getting Started” to the Pedagogy Forum. Staff the book fair table for Puerto del Sol. Assist readers and subscribers with order fulfillment; answer questions about the journal.

Research Assistant to Dr. Misha Cahnmann-Taylor of the Department of Language and Literacy Education. Edit articles and proposals; develop course materials; assist with research; promote arts and education events; participate in community outreach via the Pinewood Poetry Project: design and teach poetry classes for bilingual (Spanish/English) children and adults at the Biblioteca y Centro Educativo de la Communidad, a branch of the Athens Regional Library.

Graduate School Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Georgia, 2006.

Admissions Advisor and Director of Communications. Work one-on-one with high school students on admissions essays, both for competitive summer programs in the arts and sciences, and for colleges. Advise high school students about course selection and extracurricular activities. Teach classes and workshops for students, such as on writing for publication, and on the benefits of attending a University of California campus. Work together with students to improve their creative and journalistic writing, and help students find publishing venues for their work. Update company web content and newsletter content, and create new content as required. Compile and maintain caches of information for students, such as lists of science fairs with critical application info. Maintain community calendars of relevant dates for students applying to college. Complete other administrative tasks as needed.

Tools of the Writer’s Craft (online), Summer 2011. Give creative writers the tools to advance from first inspiration to revising toward mastery. Through reading, lecture, discussion, writing exercises, workshop, and instructor feedback, address craft questions such as: How does a writer: Develop character and reveal plot using scene? Balance scene and exposition? Transform autobiographical incidents into useful fictional material? Reveal character motivation while maintaining plot momentum? Employ image and figurative language to sound thematic concerns? Course materials available upon request.

Getting Published: The Business of Creative Writing, Spring 2011. Introduce the world of publishing and the types of publishers: trade, scholarly, small press, special interest, etc. Introduce markets for book-length fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, short stories, and personal essays. Introduce markets for short articles on travel, business, lifestyle, culture, etc. Introduce writing article query letters, article pitches, agent query letters, book synopses, and book proposals. Design class-wide writing exercises to help students practice query and proposal elements; design personalized writing assignments based on students’ individual goals. Through workshop and critique of writing exercises, assist students in understanding publishing etiquette, developing strong persuasive writing skills, and addressing specific audiences. Course materials available upon request.

Program Director and Instructor, English 4800, Advanced Creative Writing in Costa Rica, Maymester 2006. (Based at UGA’s Ecolodge San Luis and Research Station in the Monteverde area, with excursions to Arenal Volcano and the Pacific coast.) Traveling poetry class combines seminar and workshop elements, integrating daily ecological and cultural activities with assigned reading and writing. Through assigned reading, written responses to reading, and class discussion, students sharpen their awareness of writing craft, and their abilities to apply that awareness to their own creative pieces. Through workshop discussion and instructor critique, students revise drafts toward a portfolio of completed work. Program Director designs the course, selects excursion locations, manages class finances, selects course materials, plans class activities, leads class trips, plans and leads class sessions, meets with students about work in progress, and responds to student work. Course materials available upon request.

Teaching Assistant to Professor Judith Ortiz Cofer, English 4800/Advanced Creative Writing, Spring 2006. Multigenre course in creative writing: poetry, creative nonfiction, and microfiction. Assist Professor Cofer with selecting course materials, planning class sessions, leading class discussions, and responding to student work. Identify craft elements common to all creative writing genres, such as image, metaphor, music, structure, and arc of development. Assign reading of model pieces accompanied by writing prompts designed to help students gain skill with these elements of craft, and help students transfer those skills across genres via class discussion and instructor feedback on drafts in progress. Coach students in giving and receiving constructive criticism, appropriately and productively participating in a workshop community. Course materials available upon request.

English 3800, Introduction to Creative Writing. Multigenre course in creative writing: poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Emphasize the development of art beyond first inspiration by moving through the drafting process and honing the writer’s craft. Through assigned reading, written analyses of published works, and class discussion, assist students in recognizing the strategies of structure, design, character development, scene, image, metaphor, and music that unite to create an engaging experience for the reader. Through assigned writing prompts, introduce students to methods of applying some of the strategies from model pieces to their own work. Provide written feedback to assist students in revising toward a final portfolio. Model methods of analyzing a completed literary work, and methods of discussing a literary work in progress. Coach students in giving and receiving constructive criticism, appropriately and productively participating in a workshop community. Course materials available upon request.

English 1101, Composition. Grounded in the understanding that persuasive writing skills benefit one’s professional life, one’s civic life, and one’s personal life, introduce students to the components of a solid rhetorical stance: ethos (who is speaking, and with what authority/credibility), pathos (effective appeal to the reader’s emotions), and logos (effective appeal to the reader’s sense of logic). Through assigned reading, short writing exercises, and assignments of extended persuasive writing, supported by peer critique and instructor feedback, direct students in applying these concepts to technical/instructional writing, political persuasion, professional writing, and the personal essay. Design daily lesson plans, meet with students to discuss work in progress, and respond to student papers. Instruct students in the use of EMMA (Electronic Management and Markup Application, a shared online writing, peer review, and revision environment). Course materials available upon request.

English 220, Imaginative Writing. Design and teach a three-genre introductory workshop course in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Similar to English 3800 course taught at the University of Georgia, above.

English 211, Writing for the Social Sciences and Humanities: Poetic Landscapes. Teach close reading and persuasive writing via the study of contemporary poetry selections united by the theme of landscape imagery. Through assigned reading and discussion, show students how landscape images reveal character, emotion, relationships, culture, mood, tone, and more in a literary work. Invite students to share their own interpretations of literary works in well-structured persuasive essays. Through writing short exercises and extended pieces of literary criticism, students practice advancing an argument using a clear, focused thesis; well-organized paragraphs with clear topic sentences and engaging transitions; and evidence for each main point, with quotations well integrated into the writer’s text.

English 111, Introduction to Composition. Engage students with reading and writing assignments on contemporary regional/local issues such as land use and water management (many students commuted home on weekends to work on family farms, and held passionate opinions regarding water rights, irrigation schedules, trail access, wolf populations, etc.) Emphasize building basic skills such as structuring sentences, structuring paragraphs with topic sentences and transitions, articulating a thesis, choosing evidence in support of a thesis, addressing a specific audience with appropriate diction, etc. Design daily lesson plans, lead class discussions of assigned reading, lead peer critique sessions of assigned writing, meet with students to discuss work in progress, and respond to student papers.

La Sociedad Para Los Artes “Writers in the Schools” program, Las Cruces, NM, Spring 2003. Visit three different elementary school classrooms, grades 3–5, for one hour per day for one week each. Design a curriculum appropriate for each age group, and package this curriculum for the use of others at NMSU. Emphasize musical elements such as alliteration, assonance, and consonance; conceptual elements such as the use of concrete images (instead of abstract ideas); figurative elements such as simile and metaphor; and syntax elements such as choosing active verbs.

Writing Center Consultant, New Mexico State University, Fall 2000, Summer 2001. Advise students studying a variety of fields on a variety of writing projects, from composition assignments to doctoral dissertations. Assess needs and make specific recommendations for improvement, modeling techniques and then asking students to apply them to work in progress. Set follow-up appointments and work with students repeatedly as needed.

Freshman Orientation Guide, Summer 2001. Assisted incoming freshmen with course selection and registration.

University of Georgia Textbook Selection Committee, Spring 2004.

Host, Sacramento Poetry Center, Keith Ekiss and Gillian Wegener, Sacramento, CA, July 11, 2011. Invite readers, organize and publicize the reading, and introduce readers at the event.

Host, Sacramento Poetry Center, C. J. Sage and J. P. Dancing Bear, Sacramento, CA, September 13, 2010. Invite readers; organize and publicize the reading.

Guest-Host, Stories on Stage, Sacramento, CA, June 2010. Coordinate writers, performers, and event staff, and introduce readers at the event.

Host, Sacramento Poetry Center, Lori Ostlund and Robin Ekiss, Sacramento, CA, February 2010. Invite readers, organize and publicize the reading, and introduce readers at the event.

Host, Vox Reading Series, UGA Creative Writing Program, Athens, GA, February 2007. Invite readers, organize and publicize the reading, and introduce readers at the event.

Host, Vox Reading Series, UGA Creative Writing Program, Athens, GA, February 2005. Invite readers, organize and publicize the reading, and introduce readers at the event.

Staff, Georgia Writers’ Symposium, UGA, Athens, GA, Spring 2004. Assist with publicity and physical arrangements.

Staff, La Sociedad Para Los Artes Reading Series, NMSU, Las Cruces, NM, Spring 2003. Publicize readings, assist with physical arrangements, and introduce visiting writers.

Guest Speaker, creative writing class, Solano College, November 2012. Q&A with students regarding creative writing process, plus instruction for students regarding how to submit work for publication.

Guest Speaker, Magazine Production class, Solano College, April 2012. Introduced students to basic principles of copyediting and editorial references. Using sample passages, asked students to use editorial references to identify and resolve discrepancies in text. Answered student questions regarding possible work opportunities in publishing.

Guest Speaker, Magazine Production class, Solano College, April 2011. Spoke with students regarding different kinds of editorial environments (small literary journal staff, large literary journal staff, university book publishing staff, commercial publishing staff), and how editors in those environments decide what to publish. Answered student questions regarding possible work opportunities in publishing.

Featured Writer, Authors on the Move, March 2011, Sacramento, CA. Visit with community members at gala benefit to support the Sacramento Public Library Foundation.

Staff, Stories on Stage, 2010–2011. Assist with publicity, collect donations at readings, assist with setup and cleanup.

Guest-Host, Stories on Stage Anniversary Event, Sacramento, CA, January 2011. Assist with publicity, assist with physical arrangements, and introduce the writers and actors.

Guest-Host, Benefit for Autism, Sacramento Poetry Center, Sacramento, CA, January 2011. Reading to benefit UC Davis MIND Institute and Odyssey Learning Center. Assist with physical arrangements and introduce the featured writers.

Staff, Share Our Strength Benefit Reading, Las Cruces, NM, 2001–2003. Assist with publicity and fundraising.

Reader, Marathon Reading for the English Department, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, November 2001. Solicit donations and read at the event.

Visiting Poet, Mark Twain Elementary School, Kirkland, WA, Spring 2000. Working with fifth graders in two classrooms, read poems aloud, present writing prompts, introduce the drafting process, and review drafts in progress with individual students.


Available by request.

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